SIAAC, a French managed company, is born in 2009 as facilitator for the development of Japanese & European industry in China in term of purchasing & investment.

Getting a taste of local customers in 2012, SIAAC became the embassy of western luxury for some the greatest European companies’ development. Before 2016, SIAAC was already one of the finest references in China in term of Branding but also business development & facilitation.

Its branch “SIAAC SYNERGY”, leaded by the founder of SIAAC, represents this deep knowhow of bilateral sino-european relationship into the global financial world, as facilitator, investment banking & merger management.

  • Supported by major Chinese Bank & Private investment fund.
  • Active on the new Silk Road Economic Belt (“One Road One Belt” SREB/MSR).
  • Purchasing advisor for jd.com, (181 billions RMB in 2015, NASDAQ: JD).

SIAAC SYNERGY might be the key to insure growth and financial strength to many visionary European companies, both in their local development & internationally.


2012年 与当地客户更多的近距离接触,西雅客开始作为大多数欧洲奢侈品公司的宣传大使,协助为他们在当地的宣传发展。至2016年,西雅客SIAAC不只在品牌推广业界拥有卓越业绩,同时也在商业模式发展以及整合服务方面拥有出色表现。

“SIAAC SYNERGY”,由SIAAC西雅客创始人领导,针对对中国-欧洲双边关系的深入理解,作为经济投资专业领域的服务商,提供更多投资、并购管理服务。

  • 由中国主要银行以及私人投资基金支持
  • 活跃于新丝绸之路经济带(一路一带)
  • 京东海外采购专家 (181 billions RMB in 2015, NASDAQ: JD).

SIAAC SYNERGY 将成为诸多有远见欧洲公司海外发展以及业绩增长的关键。